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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if therapy is for me?

If you are here reading this, you probably have an idea that something needs to be addressed that therapy might help you with. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed or if your relationships aren't going how you expected; therapy might be for you. If you have become reliant on substances or negative behaviors as an "escape"; therapy might be for you. If you desire a safe space to share your thoughts, fears, hope, joy, and feelings with an empathetic and supportive therapist; therapy might be for you. If you are still wondering if therapy is for you, click here to set up a free phone consultation

What can I expect?

If you choose to set up a free consultation you can expect a brief, relaxed conversation to answer your questions and get to know one another to make sure we are a good fit. If you decide to move forward, we will schedule an intake appointment and send you access to your portal where you can securely fill out the consents and intake paperwork.

Your first session will consist of a thorough biopsychosocial assessment to help us to identify those things that make you "you", to identify your needs and goals, and to develop an approach to your treatment. 

Your following sessions might utilize many approaches including talk therapy, mindfulness, meditation, psychoeducation, and other evidence-based approaches to help you to achieve the goals you have set.  


How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions are 50 minutes long and kept on schedule to ensure timely appointments for all of our clients. If you arrive late, you will be billed for the entire session and it will end at its regularly scheduled time. All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

We do offer a sliding scale for a limited number of clients who do not have health insurance and fall within specific income guidelines. Please contact us for availability or a referral if we are unable to accommodate you. 

Do you accept insurance?

We have chosen not to work with insurance providers at this time so that we can focus our energy on you and your needs. We have found that our time is better-spent providing quality care than filling out forms and sitting on hold.   Payment is due at the time of service and can often be reimbursed by your provider. We can supply you with a superbill for your submission if you choose to seek reimbursement. Again, payment is required when services are rendered. 

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