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Change and the Anxiety that can Come with it

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Change is something we have to deal with throughout our lives. Sometimes these changes are good and other times not so much. For many, change is something that triggers anxiety regardless of the potential upside.

As Jen and I entertained the idea of following our dreams to open up Clarity Counseling and Wellness, we found ourselves dealing with the anxiety and fear that can come with change. We had both entertained the idea of private practice before, but each had decided to stay the course. We were both in positions that offered ourselves and our families security but had a desire for something more fulfilling. As we started to share our goals to see if they aligned, anxiety started creeping in. Can we do it? Are we good enough? Will people come see us? We both have very strong foundations educationally as well as experientially. We have both seen progress in the vast majority of our clients. Knowing those two things, logic and reason would dictate that we are capable, but anxiety was trying to tell us differently.

Anxiety isn’t logical, it isn’t reasonable, but regardless the feelings it causes are very real.

So real that they begin to make us question our thoughts, our goals, and our capabilities. So how do we begin to sit with anxiety and fear in order to get through to the other side? How do we prevent it from stopping us from moving forward? Therapy can often slow us down enough to process these thoughts, dissect them, and to help us understand where they might be stemming from. Therapy can give us tools and allow us to gain insight into our fears. These tools and knowledge can lead us to challenge the thoughts that arise and move forward with more certainty. It can be hard, and complicated, but surely things that often scare us are the biggest opportunities for growth in our lives. Once we fight through those tough feelings, a new confidence arises within us. So, while we know that change and anxiety often come hand in hand, also remind yourself that with change comes growth. Growth is what we are here for. So be here for it; it will be worth it.

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