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Therapy Is For Everyone

There is a great deal of misconception surrounding therapy. Only people in crisis see a therapist. Only someone with a severe mental illness should see a therapist. Something really terrible needs to be happening in my life for me to see a therapist. Right? False, false, and false.

Do we see individuals with debilitating anxiety and depression? Yes. Do we see people with complex trauma that has never been processed? Yes. But we also see the new parent who is overwhelmed with a significant life change. The college student who is uncertain about their goals in life. The new business owner trying to balance work, parenting, and a marriage. The individual who wants to learn mindfulness to be more present in their every day life. Someone who wants to identify and communicate their feelings more effectively with their spouse or loved ones. And so many others who are dealing with addiction, stress, grief, and relationship difficulties.

Everyone can benefit from therapy. We see such a wide range of clients each week and so many of them are just working to understand themselves a little better. And when we learn about ourselves, often identifying how our past has contributed to our present, we learn our core beliefs and some of our unhelpful thinking patterns. We see the relationship between these thinking patterns and our behaviors, and we can learn to adjust and cope in healthier ways and communicate more effectively. We can improve relationships, implement healthy boundaries, and take better care of ourselves. We can identify goals and passions and feel more fulfilled at work and at home. We can have so much more compassion and self-love.

In summary, there is no wrong reason to explore therapy. It is a safe and supportive space for growth and it can be an incredible experience. You have nothing to lose.

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